DIY Recycled Book Page Flower Wreath Wall Hanging Tutorial

DIY tutorial on how to make a recycled book page wreath.

Got an old cardboard box, plastic grocery bags, leftover fabric and an old book ready for recycle? Once again I'm up to crafting using only materials found around my home. My latest project involves upcycling or recycling these items to make a new wreath. I drew inspiration from some of the felt flower barrettes I've made for my daughter.

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Supplies I used:

Cardboard Box
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
Dinner Plate
Craft Glue 
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Burlap Fabric
Plastic Grocery Bags
Paper Back Book
Hole Puncher
Jute Twine 

The first thing I did was put the box on my cutting mat and essentially used a dinner plate as a cutting ruler.  I just traced around the edges of the plate with my rotary cutter to form a base/form for my wall hanging.

How to create a recycled wreath form from an old cardboard box.

Thinking I might possibly decide to sell this one (one of my daughters said absolute not!), I didn't want the back of my hanging to look sloppy so I decided to finish it off a little too.  I cut a piece of burlap slightly larger than the circle.  I added a little craft glue to one side and smoothed the burlap on top.  I then flipped it over and ran a basting/straight stitch by hand to gather the burlap around the inside to make a smooth covering for the what will become the back of the hanging.  

How to cover recycled wreath form with burlap.
Tutorial how to cover recycled wreath form with burlap.How to cover recycled box wreath form with burlap.

I wanted to be able to hang it easily so I took a piece of jute rope and tied it into a loop.  I hole
punched through the board, inserted the jute, looped one end into the other and pulled tight to create a hanging loop.

How to make a hanger for book page wreath.How to add a hanging loop to recycled book page wreath.
How to make a loop for recycled book wreath for easy hanging.

Then I tore out pages of the book, rolled them into cone shapes and hot glued them in circles around the "front" of the card board until I filled all but the center in. 

How to create a recycled book page wreath.How to use recycled paper cones to make a wreath.

For the next part I stuffed a few plastic bags inside another and tied a knot on the end closed to my newly stuffed "ball."  I then took a piece of my fabric, covered it around the bags and used another piece of jute around the back of it to secure it.
How to make a burlap center for recycled wreath. 
How to DIY a burlap center insert for a recycled wreath.

I then glued the covered bags down in the center (tail facing the board side) in the center of my "flower" and this is what I ended up with.  Not too bad, aye?

How to make a burlap finished back for recycled burlap wreath.

For updated instructions on this project via live video tutorial see: 
DIY Recycled Book Page Live Hometalk-Borei Design Video Tutorial


DIY Recycled Book Page Flower Wreath Wall Hanging Tutorial 



  1. This is just beautiful! Congratulations on your awesome talent and imagination.

  2. Classy! Classy! Classy!

  3. Great way to upcycle pages from an old book. Nice project.

  4. Thanks, guy! I really appreciate the comments & you stopping by!

  5. Anonymous2/15/2015

    I wonder if the "yellow pages" from several old phone books would be strong enough for this? Anyone tried different weight paper?

    1. The paper would be thinner so it would be a little more fragile but I'm sure it would work great.

  6. I recently came into possession of 10-12 boxes of old books. The legible ones will be given away to anybody who wants them. The damaged ones needed a new life. Thank you for this, it'll suit them perfectly!

    1. I'm so glad you liked it and to be of help! I'm a total book worm and have more projects using books that are no longer usable on my site. Be sure to check them out and thanks for stopping in! :)

  7. Anonymous1/17/2016

    what size pages did you use

    1. It was a standard sized paperback. I believe the pages are about 5x7 inches.


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