DIY Tutorial How To Make Pottery Barn Inspired Tuscan Urns

I absolutely love upcyling cast off containers, pottery pieces, vases and jars into unique new pieces. When a friend of mine decided to do away with some of her containers in a move,  I jumped at the chance to see what I could create with them. I browsed many sites and brainstormed for days on exactly what I wanted to do with them.  While browsing Pottery Barn's website, inspiration struck when I saw their Tuscan Urns & Cachepots. I instantly challenged myself to transform my friend's hand-me-downs and also some inexpensive glass containers from a dollar store in an "old world" style.

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First I rounded up the containers.  I gathered a few old cast offs from a friend and a purchased a few new ones from the dollar store.

DIY tutorial on how transform old vases and dollar store glass.

Next it was "prime time."  I gave each container a quick coat of primer and allowed it to dry. If desired, tint primer prior to use to whatever color you want to show inside of clear glass containers.

DIY Tutorial on how to prime dollar store glasses and old containers for painting.

How to use primer to create a paintable surface on ceramics and glass.

Then it was time to choose my base coat and get to painting. I really wanted each piece to have a super rustic, bumpy, clay look.  Thankfully I found the perfect paint to do the job: Martha Stewart Living's Terra Cotta Specialty Finish, that I purchased online at Home Depot. For the darker pieces I painted on a thin layer of "Potting Soil #119 997." After I achieved the desired graininess and texture I used a sponge brush and added Delta Ceramcoat in Spice Brown, #02049.  I "patted" the acrylic paint on with the brush and smoothed where necessary to give it more of a textured look.  For a lighter base coat on some of the pieces, I used Martha Stewart Living's Terra Cotta Specialty Finish in Tamarind, #122 693 along with Folk Art acrylic paint in Coffee Latte, #2906.   Then I allowed all the pieces dry overnight.
Paints and tutorial for ceramic and glass containers.

How to use terracotta paint on dollar store glass vases for an old world, Pottery Barn look.

How to paint and dry terra cotta paint on glass and ceramic containers.

Old ceramic container painted with terracotta paint.

Note: If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I have used this left over Santa wrapping paper for surface protection on many of my projects.  After so much faithful service, it unfortunately was selected for decommission. It fought the good fight but its demise was inevitable.  Enjoy these pics of its final moments. Sniff, sniff.  Shouldn't "Taps" be playing or something?

After they were dried I broke out some fancy stencils....aka paper masking tape. I ripped jagged strips of tape and stuck it towards the bottom of each piece to use as for a paint guide.  I also tore random small pieces of tape and stuck it to the body above the paint line to create additional "rips" in the top coat.  

Next, I painted the topcoat on some of the pieces with a super old bottle of  "Apple Barrel Colors"acrylic paint in "English Lace" that I found in my paint drawer. I don't know if it is still available for purchase, but any brand, off white acrylic you like will work.  I used Anita's "White," #11001, on pieces I wanted stark white.  
How to use masking tape to create painting stencils for an aged look.

How to use masking tape to created an old world look on glass containers.

How to use masking tape to give dollar store glass a Pottery Barn look.

In the homestretch, I allowed the top coat to dry for about 10 minutes and applied a layer of DecoArt "One Step Crackle" to the top coat only to add to the "old world" antiquity look. Afterwards I allowed it to dry for a little while longer before I removed the tape. I then touched up any places I did not like the look of with a paint brush, allowed all the pieces to dry overnight and I was done! 

How to upcycle old ceramic containers with a tuscan urn look.

I'm super happy with the results and I'm thinking of maybe trying this "ripped paint" method I came up with on some of the standard terra cotta planters for my porch.  I hope my tutorial inspires lots of ideas for you as well and happy crafting! 

DIY tutorial how to make Pottery Barn Tuscan Urn inspired pots and vases from dollar store glass.


DIY Tutorial How To Make Pottery Barn Inspired Tuscan Urns



  1. This is awesome!! thanks for the step by steps!!! Great Job I must say!! I am going to have to try this!!! Loves- Madge

  2. Thanks, Madge! If you do be sure to send me a pic. I would love to see it!:)

  3. Neat! And I like your nailpolish color. ❤️

    1. Awww, thank you Christine! Big hugs to you! <3


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