DIY Anthropologie inspired elephant bust craft tutorial

Faux animal busts appear to be popping up everywhere at some of my favorite home décor stores. I haven’t really given much thought to the trend until I saw the adorable papier-mâché editions at Anthropolgie. Inspiration struck when I was admiring the picture of the Plains Traveler Bust Elephant. An elephant’s trunk when raised makes a natural hook where you can hang practically anything. When you add a fun pattern to the mix, you have the makings of an awesome wall accent piece that is both functional and decorative. I knew that it would be a colorful way for my daughter to hang winter scarves in her room. I set out to create my own version that was both sturdy and complimentary to the current color schemes of her room.

paper swedish christmas book page stars ornaments tutorial how to make diy crafts reycle

Handmade straw and wood ornaments are a long standing tradition in Sweden and many other Scandinavian countries. I always look forward to receiving a handmade ornament from Sweden from my Mother and Father-in-law every Christmas. Advent stars are one of the items that are commonly made. When I was recently looking at a pic of antique woven star, I was inspired to make my own version using recycled book pages that could be used as a decorative hanger not just for the Christmas tree but for any time of year.