Easy Peasy DIY Reusable Coffee Sleeves Pattern and Tutorial

How To Make Reusable Coffee Sleeve Tutorial

When I received a lovely fat quarter bundle from the Little House on the Prairie® Andover Fabrics Collection in the mail, the color and patterns made me think of coffee....well in all fairness I'm always thinking of coffee but these really did, ok? Reusable coffee sleeves help to cut waste and adds a little snazz to your cup.   I have been wanting to make some for quite a while and these patterns were perfect for the task.

how to make reusable coffee sleeves with free pattern craft tutorial

Here's how I did it.

1. First you need to create or print the pattern for your sleeve.  You can create a pattern by simply opening up one of the disposable sleeves and adding a 1/4 an inch around all sides or you can use the free pattern I uploaded here. My pattern already has the seam allowance factored.

2. Trace around pattern on to fabric with a water soluble marker or pen.  Trace and cut it out twice using your selected fabric for the inner and outer shell and once using craft felt for batting. In these pics I cut it out once using fabric from my fat quarter bundle, once from a piece of plain white fabric and once using a piece of scrap felt leftover from a previous project.

3. Layer the fabrics with the felt on bottom, interior sleeve fabric second and the exterior sleeve fabric on top.  Make sure the exterior and interior sleeve fabrics are facing right sides together (wrong sides out) and pin into place..
DIY craft tutorial how to make reusable coffee sleeves with free pattern

4 Sew around the outside of the layers (using a 1/4 inch seam allowance), completely closing three of the sides and leaving a small opening on the center on one end. Clip the edges of all four corners in the seam allowance to help the corners pop out better.

DIY craft tutorial how to sew reusable coffee sleeves with free pattern craft tutorial

5. Turn the layers right side out though the small opening left on the end, making sure that the felt layer is turned toward the inside of the sleeve.

how to make reusable coffee sleeves with free pattern craft tutorial

6. Cut a hair elastic in half.  Using one of the halves, add a couple of stitches to the end to create a loop.  Tuck the loop into the small opening that was previously used for turning the sleeve right side out.  Top stitch around all four corners to flatten the sleeve and secure elastic inside.
Green crafting:  tutorial how to sew reusable coffee sleeves with free pattern

7. Wrap the sleeve around a coffee cup and marked the side of sleeve inside elastic at the your farthest closing point.
Green crafting: diy tutorial how to make reusable coffee sleeves

8. Sew button onto marked spot and enjoy! 

how to make reusable coffee sleeves with free pattern craft tutorial

Once you finish the construction of the actual sleeve you can leave it at is or embellish anyway that you choose.  I chose to embellish mine with fabric yo-yo's I made using additional fabrics from my fat quarter bundle.  You can see how I create fabric yo-yo's on my Quick Scrappy Can Upcycle post. You could also consider sewing a button to the other side of the sleeve to make it reversible. The possibilities are endless. 

Want the exact fabrics I used? You can click here to find where to purchase.  Hope you enjoyed and happy crafting, my friends!

diy sewing: how to make reusable coffee sleeves with free pattern craft tutorial

Disclosure,Credits and Kudos:
Special thanks to Little House on the Prairie® Andover Fabrics Collection for providing fabrics for this project.

UPDATE:  A blogger friend of mine also took the same challenge and did a tutorial on how to make BEAUTIFUL fabric coasters using fabric from the same collection. Be sure to check it out & tell her hello! :)

Fall Fabric Coasters with LHOTP and a Hot Cocoa recipe

Tutorial how to make fabric coffee coasters.

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Update: This project was featured by AllFreeSewing,  Craft Gossip & I Sew Free


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