Easy DIY Paper Mache Owl Sculpture Tutorial

DIY Crafts Paper Mache Owl Tutroial How To Make

This super cute and easy diy whimsical paper mache owl tutorial is what every owl fan needs.

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Craft Tutorial supplies How to make a paper mache owl

1. First I drew out the main body shape as pattern on paper.  Once I had my pattern, I traced it on to cardboard and cut it out to create my base form. I created a very basic, peanut shape that is easy to draw and could actually be used to make many different animals.

 DIY Crafts Paper Mache Owl Craft Tutorial How to make

2.  I balled up pieces of newspaper to both sides of the form for padding.  I added a few drops of hot glue when needed to hold paper the paper in place and when I was satisfied with the amount and shape, I wrapped the entire amount thing in masking tape.  I then cut a circle from the cardboard and taped it to the bottom to serve as the bottom of the sculpture.  

How to make a decorative paper mache owl sculpture using recycled materials.

3.  I then added several layers of newspaper strips dipped in paper mache paste, allowing dry time between each layer.  For my paper mache paste recipe and to see tips on drying, see my post: How to Make The Perfect Papier-Mâché Pumpkin Sculpture Container.

DIY Craft Tutorials How to make a recycled paper mache owl.

4. I cut out triangles for ears and halved oval for the wings from scrap poster board.  I taped the pieces into place and also covered them in layers of paste dipped newspaper strips.

DIY Owl: Paper Mache Owl Craft Tutorial. How to make. 

How to make a recycled or upcycled paper mache owl sculpture.

5.  Next I created "tubing" by  rolling up newspaper on a wooden skewer stick, securing  with a little glue and then slid it off and allowed it to dry.  I then cut  and shaped it to the face, along the ears and in circles for the eyes.  To make the nose I just simply folded a piece of newspaper to the desired shape.  I secured all the features to the face using the same white (school type) glue.  I added a few additional layers of paste dipped paper strips along the top of all the facial features and allowed it to dry.
Craft tutorial how to make a paper mache owl sculpture

DIY tutorial how to make a paper mache owl recycled craft tutorial

6. I then covered the entire thing with a thin layer of  paper-based clay, I created using toilet tissue paper.  Yes, I said toilet paper.  I created a separate post with complete instructions how to make this clay posted here. I made the eyes by rolling pieces of the clay into circles and smashing the pieces flat to the face.  Once the clay was dry  I lightly sanded it using a fine grit sandpaper to remove any sharp edges but keeping the bumpy, rustic nature of the finish. I then painted it using acrylic craft paints in aged metallic tones and it was finished.

How to make paper mache clay from toilet paper.

DIY craft tutorial how to make a recycled paper mache clay owl sculpture crafts

DIY Craft Tutorial How to make paper mache owl recycled crafts

I really enjoyed making this cute little fellow and hope you enjoyed it too.  Thanks so much for stopping by and happy crafting, my friends.  


Easy DIY Paper Mache Owl Sculpture Tutorial



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