DIY: How To Make Upcycled Book Page Christmas Trees


Christmas will  be here before you know it! Yaaaay! I make the majority of my gifts and decor, so I have to get started as early as possible in order to get everything done. As with anything I make, I try to recycle and reuse as many materials as possible. With a little imagination, it's really not necessary to spend lots of money or contribute to waste in order to create beautiful new decorations that make a huge impact.  My first project for this Christmas is a recycled book page mini-tree. Here's how you can make your own.


-Cardboard tubes ready for recycle (toilet tissue, wrapping paper or paper towel tubes and etc.)
-Hot glue gun and glue sticks or craft glue
-An old (standard novel sized 5x7") book ready for recycle or other desired paper such as a phone book, wrapping paper or etc.
-Ribbon, bow or other desired tree "topper" and any other desired embellishments
-popsicle stick (optional) If you are using hot glue you can use it to help press pages together without burning fingers
-a good cup of coffee (optional for some but required for me!)

supplies needed how to make a recycled book page christmas tree home decor diy tutorial

1. Select your desired tube according to how tall you would like your tree to be.  It can be as tall or a short as you want it.  For the pictured tree I used a paper towel tube with two toilet paper tubes glued on the ends for additional height.

2. Start rolling the paper cone "branches" and securing with glue.

how to make recycled book page branches for christmas tree diy home decor crafts

3.  Glue on your first cone "branch."  Position the cone on the tube so that the open bottom sits flush to the table.  This will allow the tree to stand on it's own.  Continue gluing one complete even row of cones.

How to make a recycled miniature Christmas tree from an old book. DIY craft tutorial.

4. Next begin your second row, making sure that it rises above the first.  Continue adding rows to the tree making sure each row is above the previous row.  Trim some off the top of the paper cones if necessary in order to make them shorter than the previous row.

diy-craft-tutorial-how-to-make-a-recycled-mini-christmas-tree-paper how to make a recycled paper christmas tree home decor crafts tutorial

how to create make a recycled book or paper Christmas tree crafts home decor tutorial

5.  When you get the top, glue the tails inside the top of the tube.



6.  To finish the tree you could glue a christmas bulb, ornament, bow or etc flat to the top of the tube. For this tree I wanted a bow that would stand up and face forward.  To do this I simply wrapped the floral wire from the bow around the tip of another cone and and stuffed it down in the top of the tube.  It worked great and I was all done.  

How to make a diy recycled paper Christmas miniature tree diy video tutorial

How to make a recycled book page miniature Christmas tree tutorial crafts

There's lots of variations that you can use such as using patterned wrapping paper, newspaper, scrapbook paper, dusting the cones with glitter and etc.  I also looks great to make trees in different heights and pair them as a grouping.  The only limit is your imagination.  

Want to see how to make these trees via live video tutorial via Hometalk? 


Here it is!

borei design home talk diy recycled book page Christmas tree home decor craft video tutorial

I hope you enjoyed and until next time, happy crafting!

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  1. How fun is this craft. I have so many old books around the house. I'd love to try this craft. The finished product is beautiful.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it Jennifer! I'm a total bookworm so I have tons too. I donate the majority of my books but the ones that aren't in donation shape are sitting down in boxes in my garage because I just didn't have the heart to toss them. About a year ago I decided to put them to use for craft projects and I've been thrilled as a book lover with all my new book decor. Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  2. I need to show this to my daughter. She just loves reading so this would be a great tree for her.

    1. Please do share! I'm so glad you liked it and thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the web. :)

  3. This is such a fantastic idea!! I love doing this kind of things in Christmas so, of course I will try this DIY.

  4. I love it. I am so going to try this!

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  19. This is one extremely creative and lovely way to recycle and have a fantastic Holiday tree. I love your step by step instructions. Going to try this this weekend with my daughter

  20. So pretty! How do you store something like this when not in use? I've avoided making paper things because I'm not sure how to store them.


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