I often get asked how I make my paper or papier mache paste.  The only time I've posted my recipe was in the middle of one my projects and have just referred back to that project ever since. Today I'm going to share it in a stand alone post to serve as an easy go-to reference not only for you guys but myself as well.  Without further ado, here it goes.


Just a quick announcement to let you know that the tutorial feature submission option is now open to all craft and diy bloggers!  Just click on the "Submit Project" tab at the top of any page on the site or by clicking here: Submit Your DIY or Craft Project

Thank you!!


I (a one woman show unless you count my cats) have not been able to do any new project tutorials for 2017 because I've been busy doing massive coding updates on my site that will allow me to bring you even more project tutorials starting this year! It's still a work in progress but here's what's new!