Here's What's New For Borei Design in 2017!


I (a one woman show unless you count my cats) have not been able to do any new project tutorials for 2017 because I've been busy doing massive coding updates on my site that will allow me to bring you even more project tutorials starting this year! It's still a work in progress but here's what's new!

1. I've added a whole new Upcycled Projects Blog


To get there just click on "Upcycle Blog" in the top menu on any page of the site.  In this section you will not only see my upcycle projects but great projects from other super talented bloggers.

2.  I've added a whole new Home DIY Blog!


To get there just click on "Home DIY Blog" in the top menu on any page of the site.  In this section you will not only see my home projects but great projects from other super talented bloggers.

3. I've added a whole new Paper Crafts Blog!


To get there just click on "Paper Crafts Blog" in the top menu on any page of the site.  In this section you will not only see my paper craft projects but great projects from other super talented bloggers.

4. I've added more update notification options!


To get there, just click on "Subscribe" in the top menu on any page of the site. You can now not only subscribe to receive update notices from but also the Paper Crafts Blog, Upcycle Blog and Home DIY Blog as well, if you choose!

Here's what's still to come.

1. Adding More Project Tutorials From My Blogger Friends

I've only had time upload a couple of the projects to the new blogs that my friends where nice enough to send me.  I have plenty more to post.  Be sure to subscribe to updates for each particular blog of your interest so you will be notified when the new projects are uploaded.

2.  Opening up new project submission options for ALL the crafty bloggers out there!

I opened up project feature opportunities to only my blogger friends to get started but soon I will have a submission option located on the blog so that any crafty diy blogger can submit their project for feature consideration.  I will let you guys now one this option becomes available.  Be sure to subscribe to update notices for Borei Design so you will receive a notice in your inbox.

UPDATE: This feature is now available! Click on the "Submit Project" Tab at the top of any page of the site

3  Site Design and Layout

I will continue tweaking and adding options to each section layout to make it look better and be more user friendly but is that not always the case?

4.  More Project Tutorials From Me!

Don't worry! Once I get all this up and running I will return to adding more of my own project tutorials for you guys at  Some of the ideas I have rolling around my head right now for my home are an upcycled spice rack, a French rooster sculpture for my kitchen and a new cat bed for my furry friends.  Once again, please be sure to subscribe to updates from Borei Design so you will be notified when they are published

I hope you enjoy these updates and thank you SOOOOOOO much for your ongoing support! Until next time, happy crafting my friends!


  1. Sounds like you have a busy year planned. Can't wait to see all the updates and improvements. Lots of luck in 2017!

    1. Thank you and same to you, Dawn! :) <3

  2. Sounds like some fun projects you have coming up. I am constantly tweaking my blog as well. It's hard to get it to a spot when you're 100% happy with it! lol

    1. Is there such a place as 100% happy? If you know how to get there will you please give me directions? lol

  3. I love paper crafts, so I poked around that section of your blog a bit, and that tree is gorgeous!

  4. Cool, thanks for letting us know about the changes!

  5. That sounds interesting to learn project tutorials from you, I used to tweaked blogger templates a long time ago too, but since I moved to Wordpress I became unfamiliar with the new structure.

  6. Sound like 2017 will be a productive year. I can't wait to see what you have planned xx

  7. You have been bust this year. I am looking forward to seeing your new content.

  8. Anonymous1/09/2017

    Busy year uh!!! great! congratulations!! "MaryAnne"

  9. Elizabeth O.1/09/2017

    This is pretty exciting! It's always nice to see new additions to a blog, it gives you much to look out for especially when it comes to new posts! I'm looking forward to seeing the changes!

  10. keep up the good work. looking forward to see what else you come up with

  11. Wow that is so exciting! Can't wait to see your future posts.

    Mhaan |

  12. love how so pump and positive this blogpost! hopefully you can make it and make more crafts to share with us this 2017

  13. That's great to read. I hope you will come up with something ultimate. I would love to see the new version of the blog. All the best!

  14. It sounds like you have alot of great things planned for 2017. I am looking forward to hearing how it all unfolds this year.

  15. New things for a new year. And I'm so jealous you have the coding thing down. I still struggle with it and I finally decided I'm going to take a basic online WordPress class from my tech dude so I feel more confident when I'm changing things around. Good Luck with all of the projects and the changes in the blog. Changing things up is fun, exciting, and scary to say the least, but if we want to grow then we have to do it, right?


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