Free Vintage French Newspaper Printable from 1827


Free French newspaper printable from 1827 to use for decoupage, furniture, card making, home decor and more!

I am currently working on a new paper mache and decoupage sculpture tutorial for you guys. I printed out a scan from an online library in France of the Le Précurseur newspaper, published Friday, February 2, 1827 to use as graphics for the project. It's so pretty that I almost want to frame it instead of cutting it out!

I thought you guys might enjoy it for your own home diy decor projects as well.  To keep you guys from having to dig through an online library,  I have uploaded in PDF form for printing.  Just click on the Google doc link below the following example pic.

I printed it on cream colored 11x18 inch paper but it should fit on legal size. If you are using it for decoupage or Mod Podge I recommend laser (in lieu of inkjet) printing to avoid smearing. I had it printed at a local chain-store copy shop for about 14 cents a page. Well worth the price for a clean project!

Until next time, happy crafting mes amis!


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  1. I was wondering where you got such a cool newspaper! Love it!

  2. This is so cool, Who would of thought I am so interested in doing this would be nice to frame it up and let people think its the actual thing... Thanks for sharing this DIY I look forward to more of your DIY projects!!!


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