DIY Dishwasher Safe Monogram Cat Mug Gift Card Basket


Looking for a cute way to give a gift card? Why not DIY this cute, dishwasher safe kitty mug as a mini gift basket.

I'm still not feeling very creative since the move.  Hence the lack of regular posts.  However when some of my best friends' daughter graduated high school it became somewhat of a necessity.  She (a girl after my own heart) loves makeup, cats and coffee which gave me plenty of options.  Since I really didn't know what she needed in the way of makeup I decided to get her an Ulta Beauty store gift card.  I didn't really want to just hand her the cliched envelope containing the gift card so I got the idea to put it inside a cat coffee mug.  I went searching for a cute kitty mug but couldn't find one around town that I liked at the diy it is!

I decided I wanted a simple kitty face sketched in black and a monogram on the bottom of a white mug. Here's how I did it and what you will need.

DIY Mug Supplies:

Black Sharpie 
White Coffee Mug (mine was stoneware)
Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Gloss
Recollections Monogram Stickers (Purchased for $1 at Michaels Arts and Crafts store)
Foam Brush


Gift Mug Filler:

Gift Card
Any other small gift items you wish to add

Wrapping Supplies:

Clear plastic party "goody" or treat bags.  (I picked up a pack at Walmart for around $1)
Twist Tie (mine were included with the goody bags but you can always reuse one from a loaf of bread)
Curly Gift Ribbon Bow (Dollar Tree)


First I sketched out the kitty face on the front of the mug using the sharpie. I also I added drew a little paw print on the handle.  



I then added a layer of the dishwasher safe Mod Podge to the bottom of the cup, added the monogram sticker (I used the letter of recipient's first name) on top of the Mod Podge and allowed entire mug dry for one hour.


I then coated the top of the monogram sticker and sketched design with a layer of the dishwasher safe Mod Podge and allowed to dry for an hour.  I then added two more layers, drying one hour between each layer.


(Note: While the project will be safe for wrapping a couple hours after the final layer, according to the manufacturer directions this Modge Podge needs to cure for 28 days prior to washing.)

Once the the Mod Podge was dry I stuffed a piece of gift tissue in the bottom.  I then added the gift card, a facial mask packet and some lip balm.


To wrap it, I put he mug into the clear bag, closed it with the twist tie and ribbon and it was all done.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  While you have to allow for a good bit a dry time the actual work to for this project is quick and easy.

Until next time, happy crafting!



DIY Dishwasher Safe Monogram Cat Mug Gift Card Basket Tutorial


Additional Information On Supplies:

Some of the supplies I used are available at Amazon via the affiliate picture links below.

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  1. That mug came out AWESOME!!! I seriously love it. Awesome job :)

  2. This is super cute! I want to make like 30 of them for gifts! Thank you for the in-depth tutorial on how to make them!

  3. That is such a cute idea! I bet the kids would love to make a father's day themed one for their dad!

  4. This is so cute! I know a lot of cat lovers who would love this. So easy to make too!

  5. I love this DIY. It is so cute. Would make a great gift.

  6. I love your tutorial. This is a brilliant idea and I will be using this for Father's day! I am a little low on saving and I'm sure this will be appreciated. I might change the kitty to a little puppy though!

  7. That is such a great DIY. I never knew marker would stay on a mug like that. I think the paw print handle is a nice touch.

  8. Oh my gosh, I just love this! I'm a total cat person.

  9. Aw that monogrammed kitty is the cutest. Now I can have my very own cute kitty cup that is dishwasher safe! x

  10. I sooo love this especially that it has a kitty face on it. I'll definitely try this out!

  11. How creative is this gift idea! I love it and it's definitely something that I would make for friends and family as a DIY gift. I like that you can change the design just use the same technique!

  12. This mug looks awesome. I love cats and I want to do this ASAP. Thanks for sharing and keep it up.
    XOXO //SINCERELY OPHELIA | NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

  13. I didn't know there was such thing as modge podge that is dishwasher safe! Awesome! Cute mug. :)

  14. This is such a cute gift idea. I wanted to make something for my dad and he loves coffee so I might make him a mug with a design he likes. Thanks for sharing this DIY and you did a fab job.

  15. This is a really great idea! I always find that the handmade gifts are always the best!

  16. DIY gifts are more meaningful than buying new gifts (unless its ultra luxury). And kitty designs are always adorable :)

  17. You made that design? You have talent and should create more for sale. Beautiful.

  18. Super cute and easy!! I love it, although I myself am a dog lover this idea can go so many different ways. I have used the coffee mug filled with candy as a gift I never thought to "design" my own. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

  19. Omg how cute is this mug?!?! I'm a total
    Cat lover so I totally need to make one


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