DIY Dollar Store Fall Welcome Wreath Tutorial


Have you checked out the cost of wreaths lately? Their prices can get rather ridiculous and anything inexpensive can look pretty barren.  Here's how I made this cute new Fall wreath for my door using dollar store supplies.

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Thankfully I already had an extra grapevine wreath form that I never used.  I hit Dollar Tree (a store where everything is only a $1 a piece) to see if I could find something that would work for it and I was definitely not disappointed.  


I nabbed several packs of leaf garland, some cute fall themed rolls of wire edged ribbon, a sign and some cute scarecrow picks.

First I added the leaf garland around the front of the wreath using floral wire. I started with one piece of garland attaching it at the beginning, securing it a long the way with more wire and then attached the end.



I repeated the process adding more pieces of leaf garland until the wreath was as full as I wanted it.  I think I used 5 or 6 pieces in total.


Next I added little loops of ribbon accents.

I folded pieces of ribbon in half (width wise), secured the ends by wrapping wire and then attached the ends down in the wreath using hot glue.

Next came my favorite part.  I love these little guys!


To add them I simply broke off some the stick length, added hot glue and stuck the in place.


To finish it up I added the sign.  The original sign was two pieces but I decided to use just the hanging "Welcome" part.

I cut the existing cord to take it apart, used pieces of scrap yarn I had laying around to tie it to the top, center inside of my wreath and I was all done!

I'm super happy how it turned out and I spent next to nothing for it!

I hope you enjoyed this craft tutorial and be sure to check back soon.  I'm currently finishing up a light up, paper mache jack-o'-lantern for my front porch as well.  I will be bringing you that tutorial asap and until next time, happy crafting!


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  1. This is such a gorgeous wreath! I need to try and make this. I know the dollar store has tons of cute stuff.

    1. I'm so glad you like it! It was super easy and inexpensive too. That's a win/win in my book. :)

  2. Super helpful and detailed tutorial. I can't even believe this sheath is diy project. Super pretty!

  3. I love DIYs and this one is super cool and affordable. Am gonna try to make this with my son, He will love it

  4. What a lovely fall wreath! I love this fantastic tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing this great autumn inspiration. :-)

  5. So beautiful! I love how something so gorgeous can be made at such a low cost! That's really smart and economical :)

  6. Its really good one . I love DIY and try to make it, thank you!

  7. I Love Dollar tree and all the craft possibilities! This would be a great addition to my fall decorations and your instructions are so detailed. I am going to give this a try!!

  8. These are some lovely and creative designs of wreaths. I think making them at home by getting all the products adds the much needed personal touch to it.

  9. How cute is this DIY I absolutely love the look of the wreath and love it can be made with items from the dollar store.

  10. The dollar store is my go-to for supplies for holidays and craft items (whether they are intended to be r not)! I need to visit mine again and see if they finally got any fall things in. This wreath is so cute!

  11. This wreath is so pretty. Dollar store really has the best stuff. Perfect color for fall.

  12. Gian Thu Ho9/18/2017

    People don't celebrate Christmas like this in my country, so there is also no tradition of making and hanging wreaths. However, I am intersted in making hand-mades, and your tips would be really helpful . By the way, your stuff looks so cool, and you must be really skillful and professional. I know I still have a lot to learn, wish me luck then.

  13. this wreath looks sooo pretty :D.... Dollar store DIY sounds great and interesting :D

  14. I love when you can buy things on a budget and it still be adorable. Like this wreath, wow it's adorable!!

  15. Wow! Indeed a great do-it-yourself Christmas wreath! I would love to test my creativity with this. A nice idea for the Christmas decoration.

  16. Its true I saw a wreath that was priced for nearly £70! It was crazy, but I am so glad that your fall wreath is not expensive and not to hard to make x

  17. I agree. Buy a brand new wreath costs a fortune! It is better to DIY because you will be challenge to exercise your creativity plus aaving a lot of money.

  18. Love your wreath!! And how cool that everything was a dollar each!! I must try this. Thank you!


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