DIY Craft Tutorial: How To Make A Christmas Ribbon Wreath


DIY wreath tutorial how to make an easy ribbon Christmas wreath that makes a huge impact!

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What I Used To Make The Wreath:


-Ribbon, Ribbon and More Ribbon (more details in instructions)
-18" Wire Wreath Form
-2 Floral berry picks (in red, white and green)
-Floral wire

How To Make Sign Seen Hanging Behind The Wreath:

See my Easy Personalized Whitewashed Wood Signs or Ornaments Tutorial.  This is a super easy way to make wood signs or ornaments and requires very little artistic skill or materials.  I created one that  displays an Activa Hearty Clay Dala Horse and honors my husband's Swedish Christmas traditions but the sky is the limit with this tutorial.


STEP 1: Make The Wreath Body

I used a 100 ft roll of 2.5 inch wide linen wire edged ribbon with a red stripe down the center that I got at Michael's (who had all Christmas ribbon 50% off sale at the time).  I strongly suggest you hit a similar ribbon sale or use one of the 40% off one item coupons that is routinely available on both Hobby Lobby and Michael's websites.  If you are unable to find a roll this large you may have to buy several smaller rolls.  I used all but about a yard of this roll.  It is possible to use less (or more) according to your judgement.  Just remember the more you use the fuller and "loopier" your wreath will be.


Originally I had planned on doing a video for you guys to show you how I do it but I found this video on YouTube on how to make a burlap wreath that uses the EXACT same method I do so here goes:


STEP 2: Cut and Tie in Coordinating Accent Ribbon

I tied in green single pieces of green ribbon as accents on the center bar/ring of the wreath form at various points in the wreath.  I did not measure a certain amount for the first piece I cut. I just kind of estimated how much I wanted and made all the other pieces the size with the exception of where I was going to place the bow.  I added two longer pieces there (just long enough to stick out from behind the coming bow), one on top of the other.  I added a finishing tail to each piece of ribbon by folding in half (both ways) and cutting at an angle before tying them into my wreath.  See instructional photos below.

How To Make Finishing Cut or Tail To Ribbon


STEP 3: Add Your Floral Picks

Next I just stuck my floral picks in the double knot in the longer pieces of double tied accent ribbons (where the bow will go).  Many people would use a hot glue gun to reinforce this but I like to make things removable or reusable so I can rework the wreath later if I choose to do so.  If you would like to do the same but also want to reinforce the position of the picks,  I suggest you use floral wire.  I did not because I knew that I would be securely wiring a bow on top that would help hold the picks in place.


STEP 4:  Add A Bow

I made my bow out of wired edge red ribbon that has jute accents on the sides.  It is pretty much just a standard floral or florist bow.  If you don't know how to make one, there are a gazillion and one YouTube videos on how to do just that so, I'm not going to add a new one.  If you prefer to buy one instead, there are lots of gorgeous pre-made bows available in craft stores this time of the year.  I added my bow on top of the longer pieces of green accent ribbon.   To secure in place, I ran a piece of floral wire along the inside center of the bow, wrapped both ends around the back of the form, tied it and snipped off the excess.  


Step 5: Fluff and Hang

Now is the time to fluff all those little loops of ribbon you made for the body to make it pretty and hide the knots you made with the accent ribbon. Then it's ready for hanging.  Here is my finished wreath hanging on my front door.


As previously mentioned, here it is with my Dala Horse sign hanging behind the wreath.  I just hung the sign and wreath on the same hook (with the sign behind the wreath.)


I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it inspires your own creation.  Until next time, Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting, my friends!


Your comments and feedback is very much appreciated!