Custom DIY Party Supplies and Decorations Tutorials


Custom DIY  party supplies, decoration projects, tutorials and ideas for graduation parties, birthdays or any other special occasion. Includes tutorials for banners, cupcake toppers, a cupcake tower and a wisdom note basket.

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My oldest daughter recently graduated from College of Charleston and I couldn't be more proud. I started looking online for school themed party supplies and couldn't find much for purchase. So I decided to make my own and thankfully I found lots of free printables on the college's website (SCORE!)   While mine are College of Charleston themed,  you could always adapt these project ideas to fit your own theme.

DIY Cupcake Toppers

First I download the free sticker packet from C of C's website and printed them on card stock instead of adhesive paper. I used the larger of the round graphics found in this package.


I cut the circles out using a 1.5" circle paper punch. I glued one of the circles to the top of a treat stick and then glued another (wrong sides together) on top of it.


Once the glue is dry you can stick them in top of a cupcake for decoration.

Note:  If you need a custom theme, simply design a 2 x 2 inch square graphic in a photo software program and print.  Most of the time I use Paint.Net.  It's a free and easy to use.  Just make sure you center your design within the 1.5 inch center of the square.

DIY Cupcake Tower

To make my cupcake tower, I hit Dollar Tree.  I bought 3 pizza pans (for food safety) and two dark red glass vases for each tower.


To make it, I simply glued the pans in between the vases using E600 glue.  I added weight to the pans with cans  while drying to help ensure a tight seal.

If you are using the same glue, I recommend you allow it to cure at least 48 hours prior to use.

DIY Flag Banner

I printed my flags from the College of Charleston website and cut them out using a rotary cutter and a ruler.  See:  Flag Pennant Banner. You create your own custom version from scrapbook paper or by printing your own design.  I also have a fabric version that I previously posted in tutorial format. See:  Borei Design Custom Fabric Flag Banner Tutorial


I then punched holes in the top right corner of each flag.  I strung cording between the holes for hanging.



Words of Wisdom Basket

Since my daughter is just beginning her adult life, I thought it would be nice for her to have some words of wisdom from older love ones that she could refer to over time. 


I printed out and framed a 5 x 7" graphic asking attendees of her party to leave some words of wisdom.  I printed out little note cards for them to write their advice on and drop in a basket for her to read.  The note cards were made by printing and folding 4 x 6" index cards in half.  In lieu of asking guests to leave words of wisdom, you could always opt for favorite memories or etc.


I hope you enjoyed these ideas and they help make your next party extra special.  I would like to extend a special thank you to College of Charleston's Marketing Department for all the great printables that helped make these items possible.  They have lots of more great printables available on their website including photo props, invitations, thank you cards and more.  See: College of Charleston - Grad Party Materials 

Until next time, Happy Crafting!


Custom DIY Party Supplies and Decoration Tutorials