DIY Easy Upcycled Paper Mache Turtle Planter Tutorial


Start digging in the recycle bin for some paper.  Here's how to make cute easy upcycled paper mache turtle planter or plant stand.

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I'm sorry I haven't been bringing you guys as many tutorials lately.  I have had some family issues to take care of but I am now back in the saddle doing what I love: CREATING for you guys!  I don't know about you all but crafting and coffee is what keeps me sane-just sayin.


The project I'm sharing today is a super easy paper mache project that I had the honor for making for Activa Products.  I hope you enjoy!     


Activa FastMache
Activ-Wire Mesh
Scrap Cardboard and/or Foam Board
Scrap Paper-Old newspaper, wrapping paper, junk mail or etc.
Craft Glue
Masking Tape
Large Wood Beads
Any Desired Decorative Supplies

Step 1: Create the bottom and top opening for your plant stand. 

Cut out a round circle from cardboard or foam board.  I traced around an old margarine container and poked a hole in the center (for additional drainage.)  Cut another slightly smaller circle.  Trace the bottom of your flower pot in the center and remove to create a "doughnut" shape.


Step 2: Create the shell.


Cut a strip of Activ-Wire Mesh and tape it around the top of your bottom circle to create a "tube" shape.  Trim the top of the wire mesh a little higher than you wish the plant holder to be using regular scissors.  Insert your "doughnut" shaped opening inside the top of the Activ-Wire Mesh, bend the excess along the top and tape into place.


Step 3:  Create the Turtle's features.`

Cut a simple turtle head/neck, tail and four feet from cardboard or foam board. Glue and/or tape the head/neck and tail in place.  Glue four sets of wood beads to the bottom of the shell to create sturdy legs and tape or glue the foot cutouts to the bottom.  Pad all the features with crumpled scrap paper.  Secure the pieces of paper with a little glue if necessary and wrap all the crumpled paper with masking tape to create a smoother, more uniformed surface.


Step 4:  Bring it to life with FastMache.

Mix FastMache with water according to preference directions found inside the box.  Cover the entire structure with the FastMache and allow it to dry completely.  Drying time varies. A warm, dry spot works best.


Note:  One of the things I LOVE about FastMache is it's not only easy to mix, one box will last you through many projects!

Step 5:  Decorate.

You can decorate your finished plant stand anyway you choose.  For this project I used regular acrylic craft paint.  You could also decoupage it in colorful wrapping paper, scrapbook paper or etc. There's really no limit to how you can decorate it.  When the paint dried I added  a couple of coats of Mod Podge and finished with Rust-oleum 2x Ultra Cover Clear Gloss for extra durability.


Step 6: Enjoy!

succulent-planter-turtle-plant-stand-tutorialAdd your favorite potted plant.  I added this cute little succulent plant I found on clearance.  Be sure to remove your potted plant prior to watering and allow it to drain completely before returning it to the stand.  You can also seal the stand with your favorite water resistant sealer and line aluminum foil along the bottom and inside the drainage hole to help further protect if from any residual drips of water that may be left behind in the soil.  Do not expose your plant stand to direct/prolonged water contact to ensure many years of enjoyment.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and see you soon!


DIY Easy Upcycled Paper Mache Turtle Planter Tutorial


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