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How to refinish wood furniture dresser paint stain tutorial diy

A while back, my friend snapped a picture (below) of an old wood dresser she was getting rid of and asked if I wanted it.  The answer was yes of course! I had been wanting a new buffet for my dining room and I new with a little tlc it would be perfect.

Sorry it has been a while between updates.  I have been super busy over the last month or so.  However I have tried to keep the projects going amidst the mayhem.  Currently I'm in the process of making over some old wicker furniture and creating new outdoor throw pillows and cushions using inexpensive outdoor, picnic style table cloths.  I thought I would share my progress thus far with you how I created the above ensemble for $7.

painting an old furniture chair into new home decor

A fellow blogger and designer friend (who just happens to be an amazing artist as well), SK Sartell, was inspired by my website graphics and logos and asked permission to work some of my designs into one of her chairs.  I not only gave permission, I was completely honored and did a happy dance because I know that she has the amazing skills to turn my designs into an amazing work of art. The result? What started out as $19 cast off chair was transformed into an amazing tribute to her parents .

DIY tutorial how to make over an old chair by paint fabric.

I have an AWESOME artist and interior designer friend (SK Sartell) that I met on Hometalk where she and I are fellow bloggers. She has some mad skills and with permission I just HAD to share a brief tutorial on some of her recent work.