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DIY tutorial on how to make a flower embellishment using scrap tshirt fabric.

I love re-imagining and recycling not only home decor but clothing as well. I just finished refashioning a long sleeved, winner knit shirt into a new summer top. I had planned on posting it first but it is currently in the wash. I (being the graceful person that I am) unfortunately spilled something on it right after I finished it. Therefore, I will first be sharing what I did with some of the scraps for now and the shirt makeover later.

How to make a seed bead lace banner necklace tutorial with free pattern

Here is a project I just finished up that reminds me of a lace banner.  I used 11/0 seed beads for the entire project and it was super easy.

Beading Pattern: Blackberry or Raspberry Jewelry DIY

Hi guys!

Sorry it has been a while since I shared a project.  I have been taking it easy in the blogging department lately but I'm still crafting.  When I left you I was on a beading and jewelry making kick trying to use up some of my bead stash.  I'm still on that kick.

How to make a necklace with bead weaving.

Over the last year I have shared lots of general of arts and crafts project with you guys but my first loves are bead work and sewing.  I still sew on a pretty regular basis but the huge storage bin where I keep all my beads has mostly sat unused over the last few years in my garage.  Recently I thought about the tons of seed beads I had in there and got the itch to work with them again. I needed inspiration for a new project using them so I jumped on Pinterest.

I struck gold when I ran across a site called  I found a pattern for a necklace I fell in love with and couldn't wait to try.  I contacted the site owner and they were nice enough to give me permission to share the pattern with my readers as well! Yaaaay!