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DIY Borei Design Recycled Fabric Yo yo Can Craft Tutorial

The craft tutorial I decided to share with you could not be easier or cheaper and involves something we all have plenty of laying around the house: cans!

Upcycled, Recycled DIY Tutorial: How to make a storage container for lids.

I am currently trying to go through my entire house to clean, purge and organize. The food storage container cabinet was my first stop in the kitchen.  This cabinet was really, really bad....I mean try to cram stuff in real quick and slam the door before everything falls out, bad.

How to Make A Recycled Minecraft Creeper Fan Desk Organizer Pen Cup or Can

When you are decorating a room, you have to design to fit the needs, style and desires of  each particular client.  Right now my "client" just happens to be my teenage son.  As I have the time...time, what's that? ha! how funny, says a lady with twins...I am going to work on redecorating his bedroom in a "gamer" theme. Going forward, I will be sporadically sharing tutorials with you that you can use for your favorite gamer's room as well.  I'm not exactly sure when I will be able to work on and post all the projects I have planned, so if you are interested in seeing more be sure to sign up for email updates for my site! All that being said, getting him organized is an ongoing battle that I'm going to try address along with the new decor.  I decided to start with a baby step in that direction first.

How to transform a tic tac pack into a bobby pin storage container.

When you have a house full of teenagers, every little thing helps when it comes to organization.  Not too long ago I recycled a nut can to create a loose change container that really helped with the haphazard laying of coins around the house.  It seems to really help knowing that you have a cute container specifically for the purpose.  Another problem the girls have (and even I am slightly guilty) is keeping up with bobby pins.  Bobby pins are constantly needed when doing any kind of updo with long hair and have a tendency to be left here, there and everywhere.  They seem to be everywhere and nowhere (when you need them) all at the same time.  No one wants to take the time to return them to the cards they usually come on, so I decided to see if I could apply the same thinking with bobby pins.  I decided to create each of us our on container to toss them in, keep them organized and make them easier to transport when needed.  Creating this container could not be easier.

plastic ice cream buckets storage containers how to make recycle organization tutorial remove labels crafts

I have been making my own laundry detergent in a large quantities for a while. Usually I fill up an empty OxyClean container with detergent to sit beside my machine and store the remaining bulk in a larger storage container. I have to do a LOT of laundry so I have to refill the OxyClean container often.  I've been brainstorming on making a refillable container of its own.

A few days ago when I finished off the last heavenly drop from a gallon sized bucket of ice cream (don't judge me), I knew I had solved my problem. The plastic ice cream buckets (with their nice shape, capacity, easy snap lid and handy handle) would make the perfect container for my homemade laundry detergent.  Then I thought, why stop with just a new laundry detergent bucket? I also like to drag craft projects from room to room as well.  Why not make a bucket for organizing and transporting craft tools and supplies?   So I pulled out another ice cream container from the recycle bin.

Many ideas and diy tutorial instructions how to recycle cans for organizing and decorating.

It's crazy how many cans most households go through in year or even a single month.  It all equals up to a lot of waste.  Sure you can recycle them but what about upcycling? Cans are a great and often "untapped" resource for upcycling crafters. I decided to see what I could do to help.

Got baskets laying around your home doing nothing but collecting dust or acting as an eyesore? Even if they are a mismatched, orphaned looking lot, don't trash them until you check out a featured board I had the honor of curating over at my favorite home and garden site, Hometalk. In this board,I have selected 19 project tutorials that will show you how to turn those castaway baskets into amazing and functional decor items.

No baskets on hand? I highly recommend you check out charity thrift stores and garage sales where unique baskets are often in full supply and just waiting to be upcycled into brilliant new pieces for your home.  I recently picked up a basket for $2 at a local Goodwill store that is now displayed as a chic serving tray on my dining room buffet.  How I did it and 18 other step-by-step, how-tos are combined into this one awesome list to inspire your imagination and get you started.

Check it out and happy upcycling!

 hometalk basket upcycle tutorial borei designs crafts arts

DIY craft tutorial French coffee storage from upcycled pickle jar

Don't you just love glass food jars? You can make them into a gazillion things. I'm in love with pickles jars.  They come in nice large sizes that beg to be re-purposed. I'm currently in the process of replacing various food storage containers in my kitchen with upcycled pickle jars.