Yesterday when I was cleaning, I took notice to the small, upcycled vases sitting empty on my coffee table.  I made them last year (see DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Urns Using Dollar Store Glass and Cast Off Ceramic Containers) and decided it was time to add something to them.  I decided to fill them with fake cotton branch stems. They were super easy, inexpensive and quick to make.  Here is how I did it.


I absolutely LOVE going to thrift stores! When I go it's like a treasure hunt. While many people go in the hopes of finding hidden gems in usable shape, I go to find old castoffs that I can give new life. Recently I found a lamp in a Charleston, SC thrift store just begging for my love. It was priced at $10 but on the day I went all lamps were half off so I snagged it for only $5!