The Borei Design Chair at SK

painting an old furniture chair into new home decor

A beautiful diy art chair by SK Sartell that was inspired by Borei Design website graphics.

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A fellow blogger and designer friend (who just happens to be an amazing artist as well), SK Sartell, was inspired by my website graphics and logos and asked permission to work some of my designs into one of her chairs.  I not only gave permission, I was completely honored and did a happy dance because I know that she has the amazing skills to turn my designs into an amazing work of art. The result? What started out as $19 cast off chair was transformed into an amazing tribute to her parents .

Check out the amazing progression of this chair.

How to paint an old chair

How to paint an old leather arm chair into a beautiful piece of artBorei Design Inspired SK Chair

Painted Chair ArtHow to upcycle an old chair with paint.

Finished Borei Design Chair at SKPainting an old chair for new home decor.

Jump over to SK's Painted Journey of Wishes to see more details on this amazing transformation and be sure to send her some love.

Happy crafting, my friends! 


Trash Chair Makeover Becomes Art Treasure



  1. This is absolutely amazing - what a talent! Will pin so others can admire :)

  2. I need that chair!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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