The Great Tin Gathering: A Gazillion and One Amazing Can Upcycle Projects

Many ideas and diy tutorial instructions how to recycle cans for organizing and decorating.

It's crazy how many cans most households go through in year or even a single month.  It all equals up to a lot of waste.  Sure you can recycle them but what about upcycling? Cans are a great and often "untapped" resource for upcycling crafters. I decided to see what I could do to help. Here's lots of great ways they can be reimagined.

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I first began my can upcycle project journey at my "home-away-from-home"on the web, Hometalk. There I had the honor of curating a board featuring a collection of upcycling projects that use many different types of cans.  To see the growing board of collected projects see: The Tin Can Upcycle Project

Upcycle Borei Design Hometalk
Borei Design/Hometalk Tin Can Upcyle Project
Next I took a few moments to highlight some of my favorite can upcycle projects from Hometalkers & bloggers around the web. So grab a cup of coffee, kick back and get ready to explore all the possibilities.

Being an avid sewer, it was impossible for me to resist this Hometalker's idea.

how to make a pin cushion from an old can.

The one project I have seen a lot of ideas for is punched tin luminaries, but this Hometalker took it to a whole new level by going solar. 
How to make a recycled can solar lantern.

And of course I get by with a little help from my friends...Once I decided to tackle this topic, I asked some of my blogger friends what project ideas they had to offer up and this is what they provided.

I told Katie she is a blogger after my own heart and indeed she is.  She was even a step ahead of me on this one.  She told me she features a project upcycling cookie tins once a month! Yaaay, Katie!! You definitely get the gold star today!  Click on the individual pics to see each tutorial or click here to search her site for all her can upcycle projects. 

Cute recycled can craft tutorialDIY recycled can craft tutorialDIY tutorials for recycled can crafts

Yes, her name is Holly.  No, it's not me but she sure is rocking the name though.  What she does with a few clothespins and an empty tuna can is amazing and she loves the cub scouts! What more could you ask for? Click on the individual pics to get the tutorial info.
      Recycled can craft tutorial    DIY Boy Scouts Recycled Cans Craft Tutorial   Recycled can and clothes pins craft tutorial
Borei Design

Of course I had to do a few of my own as well. See: Easy Scrap Fabric Yo Yo Can Upcycle Tutorial

Recycled Organizing Can Tutorial DIY
The Minecraft Creeper Fan Can
DIY craft tutorial how to make a diy minecraft fat creeper can.
Hope you have found lots of ideas in this post and happy upcycling!


Large Collection of DIY Upcycled Used Can Crafts