Recycled "Creeper" Can Project Every Minecraft Fan Needs

How to Make A Recycled Minecraft Creeper Fan Desk Organizer Pen Cup or Can

Know any Minecraft fans? Here's how to make a "Creeper" tribute organizing can.

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When you are decorating a room, you have to design to fit the needs, style and desires of  each particular client.  Right now my "client" just happens to be my teenage son.  As I have the time...time, what's that? ha! how funny, says a lady with twins...I am going to work on redecorating his bedroom in a "gamer" theme. Going forward, I will be sporadically sharing tutorials with you that you can use for your favorite gamer's room as well.  I'm not exactly sure when I will be able to work on and post all the projects I have planned, so if you are interested in seeing more be sure to sign up for email updates for my site! All that being said, getting him organized is an ongoing battle that I'm going to try address along with the new decor.  I decided to start with a baby step in that direction first.

Here is my first gamer-themed project tutorial that is great for "Minecraft" fans both big or small.  It couldn't be quicker or easier and it's super cute! Here's how I made a new "Creeper" pencil/pen cup organizer for my son's desk.


1-Coffee or other can from the recycle bin
1-Sheet of black craft foam  
1-Sheet of bright green craft foam
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Supplies to make a recycled Minecraft Creeper fan desk organizer pen cup or can.

1. Remove all labels from can, wash and dry. 

2. Cut a rectangular"sleeve" to cover around the entire body of the can.  Measure length and width around the can you are using to ensure proper fit.

How To make cover for a recycled Minecraft Creeper fan desk organizer pen cup or can.

3. Cut the following rectangles and squares from the black foam in the following sizes.  

2 pieces measuring 3/4 x 3/4 inches each 
1 piece measuring 1 x 1/2 inches
1 piece measuring 1 x 1 1/2 inches
2 pieces measuring 1/2 x 1/2 inches each

How to make the face for a recycled Minecraft Creeper fan desk organizer pen cup or can.

Note:  These measurements should work if  you are using an average sized coffee can.  If you are using a bigger or smaller can, you may have to adjust measurements accordingly.

4.  Find the center of the sleeve and layout your "creeper" face using the pattern graphic below as a guide.  Glue each piece into place using a hot glue gun.

Face pattern for recycled Minecraft Creeper fan desk organizer pen cup or can.

5. Glue sleeve into place covering the can using hot glue and all done!

DIY Craft Tutorial: How to make your own Minecraft Creeper pen can, pencil cup, desk organizer.

Hope you enjoyed, be sure to check out my other diy craft tutorials and happy gaming!


DIY Craft Tutorial: "Creeper" Organizing Can for Minecraft Fans


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