Easy DIY Whitewashed Wood Signs or Ornaments Tutorial


Don't you just love the old, rustic, hand painted signs floating around on Pinterest? I do but my hand lettering and graphic painting skills are not up to par.  Here is how to "white wash" a sign with acrylic craft paint and transfer printed fonts or graphics to wood for easy painting.

What you will need:

-Printer, printer ink, paper and any word processing software
-Wood sign ornament or etc
-White acrylic craft paint and any other desired colors for lettering.
-Oil pastel stick or crayon in a coordinating color
-Ball point pen
-Small cup for mixing
-Paint brush

For additional embellishment I also used:


-Activa Hearty Clay Dala Horse, get easy tutorial and free pattern here.
-Amazing Goop Glue/Adhesive (my favorite glue for crafts)

1. Mix up your white wash using 1 part acrylic craft paint and 2 parts water.

2.  Paint wood with the white wash mixture, rubbing off excess with a sturdy paper towel or lint free cloth.  Repeat with more layers if necessary until desired shade is reached.  Once dry rub with sandpaper for additional "aging" if desired.


3.  Type up your lettering or graphics using any word processing software and print.  Cut out leaving some extra space around the sides.

4. Completely color the back of your graphics or word cut outs using an oil pastels.  


5.  Tape the graphics or words to the wood using masking tape, colored side down and trace all the graphics or letters with a ball point pen on the front side.  This will transfer your lettering or artwork to the wood in oil pastel.


6. Paint letters or graphics using the transfer as a guide.


I used this method to create a new wood Christmas tree ornament.....


and a Swedish Dala Horse Christmas sign. I glued the Activa Clay Dala Horse on as an accent using  Amazing Goop


Be sure to check back soon to see how I put the above sign to use and until next time, happy crafting!




Easy DIY Whitewashed Wood Signs or Ornaments Tutorial


Additional Information on Supplies:

Some of the exact supplies I used are available at Amazon via the affiliate picture links below.


  1. Lovely tips and I like painting, so I would try painting on wood too.


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